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Welcome to A-ha Wikia Wiki

Welcome to the A-ha wikia. All A-ha fans need to contribute to this website. Other non-A-ha fans (who are fans of the members & related projects) can contribute to this as well. Not only is this about A-ha, this is where you can find everything of Savoy, Bridges, Apparatjik, the solo artists that had involvement in these bands, and more. I am creating this so you can write everything about them. SO CONTRIBUTE!

What this Wiki Contains

It's mainly A-ha, but also contains Savoy, Bridges, Weathervane, and Apparatjik, and the contributing artists behind all of those bands and projects.


BTW: Magne is my favourite.
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Current Events

I'm bored, so I'm going to do some off-topic stuff. I will visit once every 2-5 days.