• Matt200055

    Happy 30!

    June 1, 2015 by Matt200055

    Happy 30 to Hunting High and Low! This June begins the Happy 30 blog posts & the edits to the articles celebrating 30 years. Congratulations to A-ha for lasting this long (few synthpop groups EVER last this long). Edits begin shortly.

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  • Tomyvilu

    We need 10 views or more by March !  Matt200055 aka Founder of the wikia .  Is hoping this wiki gets popular fast !! Readers admins burecrafts edit please !!! Any question please ask Me or Matt200055 or an admin !! Read all rules and try to follow them !! Happy edting !! New or nor still happy edting !!

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  • Matt200055

    I have seen many great progress across wikis on Wikia. Unfortunately, mine isn't so great. I have to deal with the fact that Tomyvilu is the only person besides me here. Since October 3rd, I've been making the major edits, uploads, rules, restrictions, etc. If I don't get more people soon, I'm going to start auto-hiring admins.

    October 3rd, 2014 saw the creation of this place. I knew this was going to be a hit.

    By mid-December, I was losing hope. But a few weeks after that, Tomyvilu showed up (finally).

    Now on the 28th of January, I'm starting to lose it. I swear I'm gonna break my own rules if things don't improve. I am frustrated.

    So suppress my frustration and CONTRIBUTE, VISITORS AND READERS.

    200055 out. Matt200055 (talk) 02:08, January 29,…

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