Bridges fakkeltog
Released August 1980
Recorded 1980
Length 48:42
Label Våkenatt
Producer Svein Erichsen

Fakkeltog is an LP made by the band Bridges, in 1980.

The LP has a home-made cover design (photo by Fritz Johannesen) which shows the faces of the group members. In the background there is some text.

The back of the cover shows a field with lyrics printed upon it. This is not the complete lyrics for the album, only drafts and excerpts. The record in itself is quite unique as it has a stop mark on side B. This is done to divide the record into the three separate parts called "The Oncoming Of Day", "The Oncoming" and "The Oncoming Of Night".

Paul Waaktaar-Savoy plays lead vocals on this album, and sounds very different from Waaktaar-Savoy's vocals today.